The Process

Getting Started

My primary intention is to be a consultant to your decision making process; and to determine if there is a match between your real goals, aspirations, hopes, values, and challenges and what I can offer you.

Much of business is centered around the notion of “problem solving.” Indeed, the world is filled with problems, and hopefully your business has been successful in solving those problems for your own operation and other’s. Unfortunately, a “problem solving” paradigm is inherently limited. New Earth Productions encourages clients to transcend this line of thinking for a more powerful, generative, as opposed to circumstantial, line of thinking.

This is never you versus me. It is always us vs. your challenges.

Step One: Exploration

Our first step is exploration. We do not know if there is a match between what I can offer you and your real reasons for dealing with your challenges and creating outcomes that matter to you and your business. We begin our process with some fundamental and basic questions about your business and your intentions.

Step Two: Mastering your point of view

Our second step is mastering your point of view. It is critical to know how you think about your business and what type of “problems” you are solving for clients. Furthermore, it is critical to go beyond the problems and hone in on the outcomes and aspirations your business hopes to give birth to in the world.

This is the part where you “tell me where it hurts”. I cannot adequately determine if I can help, or assess if we would be a strong match for doing business, if you do not tell me what you’re hoping to accomplish through the vehicle of your business. The more transparent with me you are, the easier it will be for us to A) establish grounds for doing business and B) determine if we are a good fit.

Step Three: Confirm or Reject

Our third step is to confirm or reject. After an open and honest dialogue about you, your business, and how my services might be useful to you, it will be clear whether we have an strong or weak match for engaging. It is essential to express all reservations at this time.

Should we have a strong match we can continue on to the final step. Should there be a weak match, it would be advisable to suspend or discontinue our process. I will do my best to advise you on any next steps that will be beneficial to you, or refer you to someone who can execute your intentions better than me.

Step Four: Engage

Our fourth and final step is to engage. Congratulations! You’ve gained clarity about what you want and where you are in relationship to that outcome! This ending is quite literally the new beginning.

Here we establish any formal work agreements as well as compensation and payment commitments. Deadlines and other work components will be established in this part of the process.

I’m looking forward to working with you and facilitating the authentic and aligned growth of your message and your offering!