Vibrant videos that capture the essence of your business


Never has there been a time in human history to leave such a profound impact on the world. It’s easy to lose sight of this truth when we are mired in duties, obligations, and other responsibilities that limit our ability to rise to a plane of awareness that helps us see the bigger picture for our role, our department, and/or our business.

Whether you sell insurance, real estate, or flowers, what you contribute to the world is important.

If you spearhead the marketing or human resource efforts of your business, then there’s a good chance the resources below will contribute to a stronger marketing effort, stronger brand congruence, and greater employee engagement. That means, long-term, there will be more revenue and more profit for you.

Educational Series

As it may already be apparent, educational videos are intended to educate your audience. They center around specific pains, issues, and other topic areas of your typical clientele and provides critical information about your solutions to those issues. They generally build upon each other and, over time, explain what you’re offering to the market.

Today’s market values transparency. Help people understand who you’re intending to help and for what problems you’re intending to generate solutions. Establish your company and brand as an authority and a valued resource for customers.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are about driving sales. Plain and simple. New product you want to share with the world? Make an engaging video that explains its complexity simply and clearly. Old product you want to revive? Make an animated video about how much it’s benefited customers in the past.

Internal Training

Whether it’s complex or simple, certain ideas, concepts, facts, and figures need to be communicated to your team clearly. What if your onboarding process included engaging videos that illustrated key points about your business and the roles within in? Would your retention rate increase? How about your engagement? How strong are those numbers right now?

Leverage New Earth Production’s training background to roll out important messages to your team, increase engagement, and increase productivity.

Examples of Our Work